Triangle Foodie Tweetup Event at G2B in Durham

People eating dessert at G2B
Trying out some food at G2B.

Last night I ventured out again to meet fellow foodies at the G2B Gastropub in Durham. Andrea Weigl, food writer for the News & Observer, and Johanna Kramer, better known as @Durhamfoodie, hosted the Winter Triangle Foodie Tweetup event. I had never been to G2B before, so I was excited to try their food and also to meet a bunch of new people (even though I feel like I know some of them from reading their Twitter feeds and blogs for so long!).

outside of the G2B restuarant-brick exterior with a dark green awning
G2B is behind the Wells Fargo Building.

I found the Wells Fargo building at the corner of University Drive and Shannon Road and followed the signs to the back of the building. Upon entering, I was immediately greeted by Andrea and Johanna and felt welcomed. The group was raffling off some cookbooks to raise money for TABLE, a nonprofit organization located in Chapel Hill that is focused on relieving childhood hunger and is mainly run by college students. It seemed like a great cause, so I bought five tickets.

Matt ordering a stout
Matt, also known as @greeneatsblog, orders a stout.

I walked over to the very high tech looking bar and already knew I wanted to order an Old Fashioned. It is one of my favorite drinks and I was excited to see it was on the menu. As I was waiting for my drink, Matt (better known as @greeneatsblog) appeared and ordered a stout. The bartender handed him the menu, which was an iPad. Immediately I was thinking I should have looked at the menu here instead of online just so I could see the iPad! When I got my $11 Old Fashioned, I was disappointed. There was a flat looking red drink with no garnish. It tasted very sweet, but had no flair or even a bit of fizz to it. Worse yet, someone swiped my glass before I had finished the drink! But that was the only negative experience of the night.

I wandered over to a nice looking couple, Zondra and Tony Miller, (aka @DurhamonaDime). They started their blog about two weeks before I started this blog, so it was nice to know there were other novice blog writers in the crowd. Zondra and Tony told me they had lived in Durham for about 20 years and are realtors for Fonville Morisey Realty. So, if you need a realtor, consider them as they seemed to know a lot about the area and were very friendly.

Open kitchen with electronic screens overhead
Very modern looking open kitchen design.

I was on the opposite end of the restaurant, but if you wanted to, you could watch all the food being prepped in the open kitchen. The orders are posted on large electronic screens making the kitchen the main attraction of the space. Food quickly started to come out and we all scrambled to get a taste of some of the appetizers. Zondra, Tony and I were having such a good time chatting, we almost missed out on the first dishes, but then realized a lot more was coming out. We tried the roasted beet salad that was served with mixed greens, goat cheese and some candied walnuts. Had I been coming on my own, this is what I would have ordered and I loved every morsel of it! Waitresses offered us a taste of the duck confit that was served on some arugula on top of a pita chip. The duck was moist and luxurious. The deviled eggs were good as well.

beet salad on a white plate
The roasted beet salad.

As I was trying to find a place to balance my drink and appetizers, I bumped into an old friend I hadn’t seen in over 10 years! Claire Cusick (aka @TheDoughEater)was the business reporter for the Durham Herald Sun when I was the communications director for the Research Triangle Park. Lo and behold, here she was looking great as ever!

Then the hot dish platters started to come out. I chose to skip the Buffalo wings, but had the crispy pork belly that Chef Carrie Schleiffer had Tweeted about earlier in the day. I loved it. It reminded me of chicharones that we ate in Costa Rica. It was crispy, a bit salty and filled with flavor. Just don’t think about the calories and fat when you are eating it! Next, I tried the goat cheese crocrettes. If I hadn’t had all the other dishes, I might have snagged another one of these. I also loved the Shepard’s pie. I am a huge lamb fan. This dish had a nice sweet crust and the mashed potatoes were really creamy and smooth. Comfort food at its best. We thought we were done with the main dishes when pizzas started to come out of the kitchen. Wow! So, I had to try the fig, proscuttio and blue cheese pizza. Though I’m not a real big blue cheese fan, this was actually pretty good. The blue cheese was not too overwhelming and it paired well with the sweetness of the fig.

tray of three different desserts
Loved the desserts here. I'll be back for more!

The cookbooks were raffled off (I didn’t win, but that’s OK) and then the desserts started rolling out. My favorite was the pear tart with almonds. It was really delicious. I have to come back here not only because Chef Carrie makes such fabulous food, but I also really want to try the Baked Alaska, another dessert classic that very few chefs make these days.
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