Green Will and Pops food truck

Review – Will and Pops Food Truck

Green Will and Pops food truck
Following the Will and Pop's food truck.

Over the past three years or so, the food truck revolution has taken off in the Triangle region. One of the first was Only Burger, which serves fresh, beef burgers. Another of the early food trucks was Will and Pop’s and I just recently got to try their food.

Will and Pop’s serves mainly gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. They have all kinds of interesting combinations such as one with duck meat and one with a chutney sauce. I decided to try “The Hippy” which was a grilled cheese with guacamole and cheddar cheese. I got a side of chipotle tomato soup.

Grilled cheese with sourdough bread from Weaver Street
Hippy sandwich with sourdough bread from Weaver Street

The sandwich came with thick slices of a homemade bread that was grilled well. The guacamole was smooth, but seemed to lack a bit of seasoning to me. I was hoping for a little bit of spice to it. But it was very cheesy and filling. The soup was the real winner. It was spicy and had nice chunks of tomato, carrots, onion and a little bit of the chilies. My mouth was humming, but was not overwhelmed by the spice.

cup of tomato bisque soup
Cup of tomato bisque soup

Will and Pop’s uses fresh, local ingredients whenever possible. They buy their pork from Farmhand Foods, and many of the cheeses and butter are from Cornucopia. The bread is made at Weaver Street Co-op.

Most Tuesday’s you can find the truck at FullSteam in Durham in the evenings and at ChannelAdvisor in Morrisville for lunchtime on Fridays. Otherwise, you need to check their website, Twitter feed or like them on Facebook to find out where they will be serving food.

You can follow Will and Pop’s on Twitter at @willandpops, or like them on Facebook.
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