Lemon crumb cake

Review – The Parlour Food Truck in Durham

Lemon crumb cake
A cup of the lemon crumb cake with whipped cream. Yum!

I was roaming around one of the many food truck rodeos the other day, chatting with the proprietors and trying many goodies. One of the places that caught my eye was the The Parlour  Ice Cream food truck. How can you not like ice cream? Our friends at BikeCOFFEE said that this truck is trending as one of the best restaurants on Yelp. That’s got to tell you something!

This ice cream really is “the bomb” too! They had so many great choices to try. I started with the lemon crumb cake. The lemon was so perfect. It was not too sour or too sweet. It tasted almost like a Meyer lemon. The crumb cake was crumbly and a perfect complement to the lemon flavor.

I decided to have a scoop of the salty caramel ice cream with some whipped cream. Be prepared to be dazzled by this flavor. It was rich and creamy. The caramel gives it the richness and the saltiness cuts some of the sweetness. The ice cream is silky and rich. I was happy to see they were using whipped cream that was fresh and delicious.

A scoop of the coriander goat cheese strawberry twirl in a cup with whipped cream
A scoop of the coriander goat cheese strawberry twirl in a cup with whipped cream

I have also tried the strawberry, which has the distinct flavor of farm-fresh strawberries that have fully ripened on the vine and are sweet and tart. Another time, I had the coriander goat cheese with a strawberry swirl. The goat cheese was tart and rich, but not too gamey. The strawberry complimented the goat cheese with its sweet-tart flavor. I was struggling to really taste the coriander, but I’m sure it was in there.

The Parlour Ice Cream Food Truck
The Parlour at Health Decisions in Durham, NC, one of their regular stops.

A few weeks later, I was at an event and there was The Parlour truck again. I felt like a little kid, standing in line, planning what flavor I would try this time and getting my rewards card out to be punched. I tried the honey hazelnut crunch and got it on a waffle cone. The hazelnut was sweet and crunchy and the honey flavored ice cream was subtle and complimented the waffle cone well.

The Parlour prepares its icy concoctions at The Cookery in Durham and uses local ingredients whenever possible. They also rotate the flavors to serve items that are currently in season. The dairy products some from Jackson Dairy in Dunn and Homeland Creamery from Julian, NC. Many of the berries come from Lyon Farms, sweet potatoes from Pine Knot Farms and Coffee is from Joe Van Gogh. They also serve sorbets and other icy treats for vegans.

I just found out that The Parlour is planning to have its own “brick and mortar” shop somewhere in Durham! They have a Kickstarter campaign happening, so please consider donating a little money to them so they can open their shop!

The Parlour is an ice cream parlour on wheels, so you can follow them @parlourdurham or like them on Facebook to find out where and when you can meet them to get a scoop!
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