Pie Pushers truck at the RTP food truck rodeo

Review: Pie Pushers Food Truck – Pizza with Local Ingredients

Pie Pushers truck at the RTP food truck rodeo
Pie Pushers truck at the RTP food truck rodeo

I don’t know about you, but one food I usually crave is a good pizza. Nothing is better than one that is steaming hot, right out of the oven, with lots of mozzarella cheese and garlic!

There have been a couple of food trucks that feature pizza that have popped up in the Triangle area and one I particularly like is Pie Pushers. Pie Pushers truck is mainly seen around the city of Durham. They serve pizzas that feature locally grown, in season ingredients, so you have to check their website or their Twitter feed to find out what pies are available that day.

Pie Pushers holds a regular Wednesday night date over at Fullsteam Brewery in downtown Durham, along with their friends from The Parlour ice cream truck. Every other Tuesday, they are either at Channel Advisor near RDU, or Health Decisions in Meridian Parkway for lunch.

Tater Feta slice of pizza
Tater feta pizza

A few weeks ago, I tried the “Tater Feta” slice of pizza. The slices of pizza are thin crust. This special featured small slices of red potatoes, along with yellow corn kernels, and feta cheese. It was good, but not entirely memorable compared to some of the slices I have had in the past.

Pesto chicken slice of pizza
Pesto Chicken

The other day, my colleagues and I went to the RTP food truck rodeo, which is held the second Thursday of the month, and I decided to try the Pesto Chicken slice. The pizza had a generous portion of pesto spread on the bottom of the pizza and was topped with slices of red bell peppers, artichokes and a few pieces of chicken. I loved the pesto. It had a nice, basil and garlic taste. The toppings were a good compliment to the pesto as well. This slice was $4.

I have also had a $3 slice of the pepperoni pizza in the past, which was delicious, but the seasonal toppings are much more fun. You can get a slice of pepperoni pizza anywhere, but you can’t get a slice of pizza with beets on it anywhere else but Pie Pushers!

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