quesadilla on a plate

Review-Margaret’s Cantina in Chapel Hill

outside of Margarets Cantina in Chapel Hill
Margaret’s Cantina is located in the Timberlyne Shopping Center in Chapel Hill.

I’ve been on a vegetarian kick lately, though I am by no means a vegetarian. I am just trying to cut down on my red meat intake and live a healthier lifestyle. One way I’ve been doing this is by participating in Meatless Monday. I made this my New Year’s resolution and am happy to say I’ve stuck to it this whole time! It’s actually way easier than you might think it would be.

One nice thing is that there are lots of vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants in the Triangle region. One that we recently visited was Margaret’s Cantina in Chapel Hill. Margaret’s Cantina has been around for a long time and has been one of our vegetarian friends’ favorite restaurants. We decided to join them for dinner recently.

Margaret’s Cantina is a Mexican restaurant, but focuses on using locally sourced ingredients, organic ingredients and giving people home-made, healthy choices to eat. The restaurant also has farm-to-table special events, just like Panzanella does.

Margaret’s Cantina is located between the Chelsea Theater and Timberlyne Theater in the Timberlyne Shopping Center. It’s a great place to come before or after a movie.

plate with guacamole and salsa
The guacamole was very fresh as was the salsa.

This particular evening we started our meal with chips, salsa and fresh guacamole sauce. The guacamole had nice little chunks of avocado, onion and a good squirt of lime in it.

quesadilla on a plate
The Mediterranean quesadilla with artichokes and sun-dried tomatoes.

I tried the Mediterranean quesadillas. They were served with jack and ricotta cheese with artichokes and sun-dried tomatoes. They were very fresh and tasty. The sourness of the artichoke and the melted cheese and tomatoes was a great combination.

plate with tofu, mushrooms and kale over quinoa
The Tofu Hongos Guisados was a great vegan dish.

Scott and three of our other friends had the Tofu Hongos Guisados, better known as tofu and mushrooms and is a vegan-friendly dish. The plate is served with a generous amount of kale and is served over a bed of quinoa. The tofu has been marinated in a red chili sauce and has a good spice to it. There’s a variety of mushrooms, including shiitake, and portabellas, that give the dish an earthy tone. The dish has lots of garlic and ginger also adding a little zing to the dish. If you like, the waiter will also serve a Habanero sauce on the side, but Scott decided to forgo the sauce, which really was not needed.

slice of peach upside down cake with whipped cream on the side
Peach upside down cake.

Even though we were all full, we decided to get a couple of desserts to try out, just for you readers. I hope you appreciate our sacrifice. (LOL!) We got a delicious piece of upside down peach cake. The cake was nice and light and very moist with lots of fresh whipped cream. The peaches were cooked well and had a nice caramel taste to them. We also had a piece of chocolate cake that was very rich with a dark chocolate base. Our vegan friend had raspberry sorbet which was also really good.

large slice of triple layer chocolate cake
Margaret Cantina’s famous chocolate cake.
dish with three scoops of raspberry sorbet
Raspberry sorbet

Margaret’s Cantina is not completely vegetarian, so you meat lovers still have plenty of choices to try here as well.

Margaret’s Cantina is located at 1129 Weaver Dairy Rd.  in Chapel Hill and is open from Monday – Friday from 11:30 – 2:30 pm for lunch and on Monday through Thursday from 5-9:30pm, and Friday-Saturday from 5-10pm for dinner. You can like them on their Facebook page to follow what specials are available.
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