Pho with vegetables and chicken broth

Review: Pho 9N9 in Durham

Pho with vegetables and chicken broth
Pho with vegetables and chicken broth

Sometimes you want something light and comforting and nothing fits the bill better than Pho. What is Pho, you ask? It’s a Vietnamese dish that is soup filled with lots of great ingredients including noodles, vegetables, fresh herbs and more.

The other day I was meeting some old friends for lunch and it was very hot outside, so none of us wanted a heavy lunch. Besides, as gals in our forties, we are all trying to stay trim and fit! We decided to meet at Pho 9N9 in Durham, which is in the strip mall on the corner of T.W. Alexander Drive and Miami Boulevard, so it is just over the border of RTP.

Inside Pho 9N9 with lots of people
Pho 9N9 is a popular RTP destination for lunch.

I ordered the chicken Pho, which had a light broth, translucent white onions, green onions, broccoli, bok choy and carrots, along with ample amounts of rice noodles. I added fresh basil, a twist of lime juice, a little pepper and lots of fresh bean sprouts. It was soothing to eat and filled me up but didn’t make me feel bloated.

Plate of fresh bean sprouts basil lime and peppers
This plate comes with your Pho. You can add in what you like.

There are many other variations of Pho, such as the brisket Pho, that is one of the favorites of many people, the seafood Pho, tofu Pho and if you are adventurous, the tripe Pho.

A few weeks later, I ordered a meal from Pho 9N9 for pick up. I didn’t have time to eat in the restaurant because it was a busy day at work. I was immediately greeted by a nice woman who offered me a glass of water while I waited for my meal to be prepared. I thought that was a very nice thing for her to do.

tofu lemon grass in a to go box
The tofu lemongrass dish with vermicelli noodles.

I had the tofu lemongrass dish with vermicelli noodles. The dish was light and easy to eat. There were some red pepper flakes in the dish, but I didn’t find the dish to be all that spicy. There was a lot of lettuce and a nice amount of fish sauce in the dish. The tofu was grilled and didn’t fall apart. There was also some shredded carrots and sauteed onions in the dish. It was a nice dish that I would be happy to order again. I also got a side of spring rolls, which were the kind that are not fried, but wrapped in rice paper. The lettuce and vermicelli was nice and light. It had a very thinly sliced piece of pork in it as well. I really liked the sauce that came with the rolls, which was sweet and a little bit salty.

two spring rolls in a to go box
Two spring rolls

Pho 9N9 offers other vermicelli dishes, with grilled pork, egg rolls, chicken lemon grass and tofu, to name a few. Dishes with similar ingredients are also available with rice. They also serve house fried rice in many different combinations. The prices are decent as well. My Pho was $6.50. They also serve Asian bubble drinks in a variety of flavors.

Pho 9N9 is open from 9:30am – 9pm Monday through Saturday and is closed on Sundays. It is located at 2945 South Miami Boulevard in Durham, NC.  

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