two really big spring rolls on top of leaf lettuce

Review – Dalat’s Oriental Restaurant in Raleigh

Big sign over the restaurant reading "Dalat"
Outside of Dalat’s in the Mission Valley Center in Raleigh

One of our old favorite places to eat is Dalat’s Oriental Restaurant, a Vietnamese restaurant in Raleigh. I say old place, because we used to frequent this place much more often when we lived in Cary ten years ago. Now that we live in Chatham County, we don’t have a reason to go to Raleigh as often as we used to. Dalat’s is located in the Mission Valley Shopping Center, very near North Carolina State University.

The inside is nothing to write home about. It is actually in need of some freshening up, but I doubt the owners will bother as long as the people keep coming for the great food. There are no windows, so it is also a bit dark inside this huge restaurant.

two really big spring rolls on top of leaf lettuce
These Spring rolls are huge!

We started our meal with some spring rolls. These rolls actually look more like egg rolls. They are quite large in size and had an extra amount of wrapping on them. But they are fried to a very crisp consistency. They taste great dipping them into the fish sauce that is served with the rolls.

plate of house fried rice
One of our favorite dishes at Dalat’s is the house fried rice.

My husband ordered the house fried rice, which is one of the best fried rice dishes we’ve had in awhile. It comes with pork, chicken and shrimp. The smokiness of the pork really adds a lot of flavor to this dish. The rice also has ample amount of carrots, and peas and is sprinkled with red chili flakes to give it a zap. It is a great dish.

Bowl with fried tofu and vermicelli and side of cilantro, carrot and lettuce.
Fried Tofu and Vermicelli.

I had the fried tofu in a peanut sauce. The pieces of tofu were beautifully browned. The sauce used to dip the tofu pieces in was really good as well. I think it had some soy sauce and tamarind in it. The vermicelli rice noodles was topped with lots of lettuce, carrots and cilantro. I had lots of food, so was able to make a second meal out of this dish.

It was nice to come back to this great little Vietnamese place and remember how great and very inexpensive the food was. I am sorry their second restaurant located in Cary didn’t make it as they had a really great green papaya salad which is not available at Dalat’s.

Dalat’s Oriental Restaurant is located at 2109-110 Avent Ferry Road in Raleigh on the upper level of the Mission Valley Shopping Center. They are open Monday – Thursday from 11am – 3pm and from 5pm – 9pm. On Friday – Saturday they are open from 11am – 3pm and from 5pm – 10pm.
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