plate of fish tacos black beans and chips

Review – Trailhead Restaurant in Black Mountain

Trailhead Restaurant sign
Trailhead in Black Mountain, NC.

It was another rainy, cold day in the mountains and my friends and I needed a place to relax, eat and warm up. We decided to try the Trailhead Restaurant in Black Mountain.

Black Mountain is a quaint town just east of Asheville, home to the LEAF festival twice a year and near Billy Graham’s homestead. The Trailhead is on the main street in town.

Long bar and tables in Trailhead
Inside the Trailhead Restaurant.

We were greeted by a friendly waitress who immediately got us hot tea and coffee. We also ordered a bowl of French onion soup. The soup was sweet and filled with onions and a nice piece of French bread in the middle and was covered with mozzarella cheese. Yum! There is no graceful way to eat French onion soup, so we all dug in anyway and forgave each other for whatever bad manners we may have been displaying!

bowl of French onion soup
French onion soup.

One of our friends got the Trailblazer burger, which was easily twice the size of the burger we had at Farm Burger, but this one may not have been a grass fed, locally sourced beef burger. This was a 1/2 pound of beef with a big portion of fries to go with it. The burger was served with cole slaw, smoked bacon, caramelized onions, cheddar cheese and some roasted garlic mayonnaise.

My husband had the portabella sandwich, which was like a burger. It was also a nice sized sandwich and well flavored. He had a side of macaroni and cheese which also tasted great!

portabella burger with pickle
Portabella burger

I had the fish tacos, which were two flour tortillas with grilled tilapia, a fresh mango salsa and black beans. It was served with a side of black beans that had some red bell peppers in it and tortilla chips. The tilapia was really tasty and I loved the mango salsa. It adds some tanginess to the flavor of the taco.

plate of fish tacos black beans and chips
Fish tacos.
Peanut butter pie
Peanut butter pie

We finished our meal with a peanut butter pie. I thought it would be real dense and rich, but luckily, it was creamy and had a whipping in it that made it not so heavy and rich like most peanut butter pies tend to be.

Trailhead Restaurant is located at 207 West State Street in downtown Black Mountain, NC. It is open 11 a.m. – 10 p.m. every day of the week and a late night menu is served from 10 p.m. until “late,” You get to define what late is!


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