huge burrito with lots of Mexican rice

Review – Jalisco Mexican Restaurant in New Market, VA

exterior of Jalisco
Jalisco in New Market Virginia

Tarheel Eater took a road trip to New Market, Virginia recently. While driving to Luray Caverns, we were looking for a good place to eat lunch, but, for course, we don’t like eating at chains or fast food places, so we were on the lookout for something unique. We saw a little Mexican place that from the outside looked promising, so we stopped to check it out.

table of Mexicans eating in the restaurant
You know it’s got to be good!

When I first entered the door, I was greeted by a banquet table full of Mexicans enjoying a feast of Mexican food. “OK,” I thought, “This must be a good place.” Indeed, it was!

Interior of Jalisco Mexican
Inside Jalisco

The arched doorways between the areas of the dining room, and Mexican décor was warm and friendly. We picked a table towards the back of the restaurant. There were lots of combinations of burritos. Scott ordered the burrito fajita, which was a humungous burrito with fajita steak meat, lots of vegetables, including peas and carrots and saffron rice. It was really flavorful and soul-satisfying.

huge burrito with lots of Mexican rice
Fajita burrito
taco salad
Fajita taco salad

I had a taco salad with fajita steak meat. The steak was still warm and was served with the fajita vegetables as well. It was served on top of lettuce, tomato and guacamole. It was also really good and filling.

We thought we’d try a dessert as well, so we ordered the flan, but this was the only disappointing part of the meal. The flan was topped with lots of chocolate sauce and sprinkles. They tried to make it be a sundae and that is not what a flan should be. Maybe they made this to be appealing to small children.

The meal was really inexpensive. Our two entrees cost just $6.99 a piece and there was a lot of food! I was really happy to have stopped here. It was a great way to start our trip and will be a place we will return to next time we are traveling in Virginia.

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