BBQ Mahi-Mahi tacos

Review – Cabo Fish Taco in Charlotte

Outside of Cabo Fish Taco in NoDa
Cabo Fish Taco is located in the artsy neighborhood of NoDa in Charlotte.

Ever since I watched “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” episode about Cabo Fish Taco Baja Seagrill I have wanted to visit this place. Recently, my husband and I needed to make a trip to IKEA, so we decided why not have lunch at Cabo Fish Taco?

I have always heard that the NoDa neighborhood is really fun. It’s a mish mash of stores, funky restaurants, artist studios and tattoo parlors in an up and coming area of Charlotte. It has lots of character! Even at 2pm, Cabo Fish Taco was humping. Lots of people hanging out in front of the restaurant and there was even a photo shoot going on just outside of the restaurant with a couple that looked like they were having their engagement photos being taken. Interesting choice of a place to have photos taken.

Inside shot of the the restaurant
Inside Cabo Fish Taco.

The restaurant is in an old brick building, with exposed duct work and a nice dusty gold tone on the walls, which are adorned with colorful surf boards and day of the dead artwork. Our friendly waiter came over and gave us a description of some of the local beers. I decided to try the NoDa Brewing Company’s Jam Session beer, which was a pale ale that had some honey and caramel tones to it. It was a little on the hoppy side, but not over the top.

corn salsa and chips
Corn salsa.

We also had chips and salsa. The salsa is really more like a corn mix with jalapenos and fresh tomatoes. It was really good and nice to have a different type of salsa than the typical tomato-based hot sauce. The chips were homemade and very crispy.

BBQ Mahi-Mahi tacos
BBQ Mahi-Mahi tacos.

Of course, we had to have fish tacos, and there are many different kinds to choose from. I decided to try the BBQ Mahi Mahi taco. Two large tacos filled with the tons of Mahi-Mahi, cole slaw, avocado, cheese, tomatoes and a cilantro white sauce. I was really impressed with the amount of fish they put in their tacos. The barbeque sauce was kind of sweet, smoky and spicy. I had the tacos with a side of black beans and rice, which also had a smoky spice on the rice. The black beans were a little on the dry side, but good. I was really full by the time we ate the tacos so no dessert for me!

tavarua tacos
Tavarua Tacos.

My husband had the Tavarua Wahoo tacos, which had lemon blackened Wahoo fish with a kiwi-pineapple sauce served with tomatoes, lettuce, cheese and a honey wasabi sauce. I tried some of his taco and the fish was really great! Again the taco was overflowing with nice bite-sized chunks of fish. The spices were spot on – I wouldn’t change a thing!

I can’t wait to have an excuse to come back to Charlotte to eat here again. No wonder everyone raves about this place! The prices were very reasonable as well. Just $10.50 for two very good sized tacos with high quality fish. You can’t buy Mahi-Mahi or Wahoo fish at this price!

We also saw some nice looking wraps go by and think that next time we might try one of the wraps.

Cabo Fish Taco is located at 3201 North Davidson Street in Charlotte and is open Sunday – Thursday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. and on Friday-Saturday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. You can like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter to find out about specials and events happening at the restaurant.

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