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Review – Cafe Anar in Morrisville

Lamb kabob with rice


The other day I was looking for a restaurant located between Cary and RTP so my friend and I could meet for lunch. We decided to try Cafe Anar, a little Mediterranean place in one of the out buildings near the old Factory Shops in Morrisville.
This quaint restaurant is modestly decorated and has nice little booths and a few tables near a semi-open kitchen. I was surprised to see that the menu was not a true lunch menu. It had […]

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Review – Dawat Indian Restaurant in Morrisville

A plate of Indian food


I’ve been in the mood for Indian food, so when my friend, Glenn, emailed me and said he’d like to meet for lunch, I suggested a couple of Indian restaurants. We decided to meet at Dawat Indian Restaurant in Morrisville. Dawat is located off of Davis Drive and McKrimmon Highway, in a small shopping center. If you blink, you might miss it!
We arrived early, so we were the first customers of the day. We decided to do the buffet because […]

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Review – Martin’s Curry Rice in Morrisville

samosa, small bowl of vegetables and rice


Sometimes you want to quick meal that’s inexpensive. But most of us don’t want to resort to the typical fast food place because we don’t want all the processed food. One nice alternative is Martin’s Curry Rice in Morrisville. The restaurant is located off of Highway 54 and Cary Parkway near the Carmike Theater, next to the Amante Pizza place.
Martin’s idea came from him visiting Japan, where he saw many people selling curry rice near the railroad tracks and on […]

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Recap of Reviews on Eat It, NC

a collage of photos from the reviews I did at Eat It North Carolina


For several months I was writing reviews on Eat It, North Carolina, thanks to Charlie Brinson. He has been a great mentor and I so appreciate having been able to write entries on his blog. But it was making me feel really guilty that I was writing so much on someone else’s blog. That was one reason I decided to branch out on my own. So, in order to entice you to check out his blog, I’m going to give […]

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